Thursday, June 07, 2007

White Sands

Here are some of the photos I took on our outdoor shoot, while the others were busy taking their shots through the Arri 3 camera.
The beautiful backdrop seen here is that of the salt pans on the ECR road.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Flicker.....

These are some pictures from my first outdoor shoot, where all of us (me and my classmates) went on a long trip across the fabulous ECR highway and exposed real film foootage for our shots. I can't describe the excitement that I felt when I saw the film actually flicker across the viewfinder during the shot, going at 24 frames per second. I don't remember anything that even comes close to the high I got (except maybe the bungee jumping that I did once) when I took the shot. And luckily, I got three such chances and consequently three completely different highs in one single day.

I took my first shot, right atop the water tank in Adyar. I won't ever forget that morning sun. It was more beautiful and gorgeous than I have ever known it to be. My shot was to track along a vehicle as it passed over the bridge, from one end to other. Typically it is called a 'Pan' shot and I had to do it with a 'Zoom Out' simultaneously. It was great. The negatives have been given for processing and then I have to supervise the grading and the look, before its actual acreening. But before that, here are some of the working stills from our first location.

On the bridge, we had one of the last shots of the day. I took one of them.

I had the best time when I took a handheld shot, that too with the 6.5 kg Arri 3 camera. That was the ultimate moment!! Anyways there's more to come after this, but I can hardly wait.....I am addicted to the flicker now.... the flicker of the motion picture....the flicker of the reflection of life....