Friday, August 10, 2007

The hiatus is over...

I haven't written in a long time. Been caught up in the daze called life. At times, I lose track of what day or time it is; the moments just seem to float about like liquid bubbles around a cryogenically frozen body.

It is both amazing and strange that this should happen because I don't feel that dead anymore. After completing the cinematography course, I am out to seek creative job options, having quit the software industry quite long before (some might like to call it 'career suicide') Life has become more interesting, not to mention, more of a struggle than before. Then why this inexplicable 'dazed' feeling?

Maybe it is because of the fact that I haven't written in a long time. I have realised that things seem more real and alive when I write about them. They seem to grow out of their passive, surrealist nature and begin to have their impact upon me when I take the time out to reflect on them, not just by thought but by action - and that action is the act of writing. When I write, the events around me begin to fall into perspective and it finally makes sense. More sense than introspection could make, much more than what mere contemplation could create.

Ofcourse I can't write about anything and everything; that's just impossible. And I ain't a great writer either; I am the kind who takes enough and more time to write about something really simple too. But even writing about a little thing each day will do for me, I guess. I realise that I need to write, not just to inform or entertain or earn but to realize, taste and feel. More than that, I need it to discover myself, hear my own thoughts loud enough to remember forever, tie up all the loose ends of my experiences and make my life seem more complete.

Funny that I should take so long to discover this...and funny that writing about it should help me discover that I really crave to write...