Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Putting my pen down

For a long time now, I haven’t wrote….Not because I haven’t found anything worth writing about, also not because its not my ‘thing’ anymore but for the simple reason that I didn’t feel like it…

I wonder why? Why don’t I feel like I want to write anymore? Is it the fear of exposing to myself what I have metamorphosed into over a period of time that hasn’t been entirely uneventful? Or maybe is it is the fact that life has thrown so many experiences at me that I haven’t been able to reflect on any single one before I have to juggle another? Could it be that I am just not bold and honest enough as before to acknowledge the chaos inside and try and find a solution by confronting my demons by writing about them? Or is it just plain laziness?

I should stop asking myself so many questions and breathe enough to let my mind come up with some plausible answers. Phew!! Ok, maybe it is some rare planetary alignment of all of the above problems that’s causing this weird ‘block’ in my mind and almost paralyzing all my perceptions. My thoughts are just fluttering around like migrating birds caught up in bad weather, unable to find their way home. Flung between torpedoes of changing moralities and conflicting interests, they try to make sense of the real and the surreal. Someday may be they will flock together; maybe they will find the right direction but till then my pen will keep scribbling around hoping to find its flight of imagination….