Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Queen of the Night

Next to a shadow lit stone
Stands the Night Queen all alone
Wondering why she feels so
Amongst all but yet so lone

As the moon slowly passes through the clouds
It peeps out for a while
In that one brief moment of eternity
The queen feels alive, feels like she belongs

In that single glimpse, the moon promises a thousand things
The warmth of love, the joy of understanding
Touch of care, the solace of company
Promise of trust, the leap of faith

But it only lasts for that eternal bit
The promises, the expectations,
For like the oasis the moon is gone
Before it could get any closer

The queen is still enthralled by the feeling
The high she has had for just a while
The comfort that she felt, the hope that swept her away
Only to dash her back on the rocks of reality

As she comes out of the reverie, broken and abused
She can look nowhere for help but only within
What went by, was real or illusion?
She can't decide, only sob in pain

Engulfed in her own scent, she sits there
Quiet, broken and weak inside
The lessons seem to come to her from far away
As if a millennium has passed in a moment

As she looks to the sky, her heart yearns to find the moon
Silly as it is to see it appear from nowhere
But the moon is gone, the trace so faint
The clouds have hidden it all

As she prepares to collect the pieces
Ready for another struggle through life
So suddenly so much had passed
And now the moments drag on forever.......

1 comment:

Joshua Victor said...

Miss Arc_imagineer,

Just because you have a poetic licence, does not mean you can violate its rules, left, right and centre.
There's something missing here: the Night Queen feels so many things when se sees a glimpse of the moon. But why does she feel all these things. The 'what' is present, but the 'why' is missing.