Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Digi is in!!

Great news!! I have finally managed to get a great camera at a cool price....I recently purchased a Nikon D80, 10.2 MP, 18-135 mm lens-accompanied wonder and since then I have been clicking away to (hopefully) glory!!

My first digicam after months of speculation and contemplation and deliberation.... I am glad that it is Nikon D80....I know it is too soon to be overjoyed about it but the images are beginning to come in and they look decent. For a non-photography background like mine that is equivalent to good.

Will be posting the pics soon. They will also be uploaded on my Orkut id. Do check them out and help me improvise.

Clicking away...

P.S I have lot of things to be posted...but just not finding the right combo...will explain later.

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Anonymous said...

hey upload ur pics soon.. would love to check out ur cam..