Saturday, October 06, 2007

The voice of soul speaks…

I see through your eyes
Touch with your skin
The world without, the world within
Broken from you yet an inseparable part akin

I experience all you feel
All you reason, all you think
But by a rude word, an unthinkable gesture, a mysterious wink
You take me by surprise with such uncharacteristic kink

When you wander from the right and dwell into the wrong
Give in to temptations that you resisted before
I can’t help but wonder, feel hollow at the core
Reason behind your unpredictability unknown, doubts galore

You fill me with unknown apprehensions
I feel like the life within you, but not the soul
You seem to swirl out of my control
Brimming with contradictions, meandering without a goal

I am supposed to be you; every little bit of you
An impression, a vision, a manifestation,
The clearest reflection, your finest imitation
Yet at every turn you catch me unaware in meditation

I feel like an afterthought sometimes,
Of random origin and unknown creed
Modeled by the erratic ness of your impulsive deed
Rather than the inspiration behind it; like an infertile seed

Once in a while, I identify the ‘I’ within the you
And a wave of relief runs through me
Like an ephemeral rainbow sight to see
To justify my purpose; strengthen my bond with thee

This moment of recognition bridges our divide anew
To my misfortune these moments are but a few
I struggle frequently to find myself, these days
In reactions and carcasses of your harried ways

Don’t let me be the lover who never knew you
Having reached the deepest intimacy, still who could never touch you
Let me instead be your soulmate, constantly by your side
Guiding your heart, teaching your mind

Let me write your story with my integrity ink
And serve my purpose of building your link
To the world beyond; from where I come and to where I will go
Carrying with me a precious gist called you, just the way I know

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