Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Love you till the end of day

Some might praise you, say you are wise
Others might rebuke you and look otherwise
Let all your admirers or detractors have their say
But I will still love you till the end of day

There will be times you will be down, in hurt and pain
And life looks morose, no joy, no gain
But let all the problems come what may
I will love you till the end of day

A time might come when we are far apart
And it looks like the reunion is never to start
Don’t worry though, I will find a way
To show you my love till the end of day

I wish you a wonderful life my friend
Let your joys and pleasures never end
Just remember one thing when you are happy and gay
There’s someone who will love you till the end of day

This is a poem dedicated to a very special friend (and ardent critic) of mine on the occasion of his departure from the rest of us for a long time....

This is for you buddy.

Try not to laugh at the contrived attempts to maintain a rhyming scheme. LOL.

1 comment:

Joshua Victor said...


Don't make it hard for me to criticize you..okay....The poetic licence hasn't been....oh what the heck ...I don't want to spoil this one by reviewing it.

It is good . I love it. I am touched.

And.....thanx....damn it...I am gonna miss hating and criticizing you. So don't you stop writing...this might be the only way we can stay in touch with each other.

Ur buddy/critic,
You know who.