Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The 'original' dilemma

I often wonder how you can ever be sure if an idea is completely original… I mean in times like these when several thousand full-length features, a hundred thousand short films, another million of ads, a ten million equivalent of novels and books and a zillion of blogs and articles are being produced every year, how can you claim to have an idea that’s cent percent unique, that’s never been done, said, written or executed before?

I don’t think these days I ever get an idea that’s original…feel like all of it or atleast a part of it has been done before…I have an unusually large database of references, thanks to an addiction to all sorts of media communication, so no matter what idea comes to me, I subconsciously begin to make links to previously viewed or read content and inadvertently end up acknowledging that my latest brainwave ain’t entirely my decent words, it is ‘inspired’…

Does everyone else feel like this too? or am i the only over-analysing, self deprecating, being-hard-on-oneself lunatic?


Unknown said...

I do feel like that. Also I do know many people who share the same dilemma. Yeah! Now we can have the "Loser Copycats Club"!

Seema Menon-Thakur said...

Soooo true..... but i find that we dont feel or see in our own minds eye other's ideas as we do our own... so for me that brings the uniqueness thats simply me :)