Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Chaos of my grave

What is this muffled scream I hear
Why do I shiver when there is nothing to fear
For the sound that comes belongs to my spirit
Dead and gone; yet frighteningly around

Careless are the whispers of the wind
Lazy is the dawn that comes to grind
The last moments of my broken dreams
Shattered and lost; yet fumbling around

The dull rumble of the day marches by
As my mind struggles to discern the how and the why
While the senses litter the soul of its reason
Dulled and pained; yet feeling around

As the shadows scamper out of their hiding
Sending the last hopes of a rebound, gliding
The soul tries to salvage the flicker of a life
Tattered and broken; yet living around.


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Anonymous said...

Well, Congratulations !!! You've got a spam comment ....Lovely...that means your page is being watched.

Here goes my poetic appreciation:
I didn't get a single line in the poem...seriously...I'm into those let's always speak the truth mode...I can't even pretend to have understood the context either....

What in the world, does " Chaos of my grave " mean? I thought about it the whole night yesterday, I hit a blank wall. I literally did. I was restlessly turning and twisting in my bed till I hit the wall besides my bed. I must've fallen unconscious after that. I woke up bruised, angry and determined to write a very bad review of this poem.
I guess, the only people who could've understood this poem are Shakespeare, Goethe etc, and they're already in their "grave" :-). Please do write in english, next time, for folks like me.

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Unknown said...

Bequeathing hasn't been simple anyday!!