Sunday, January 14, 2007

Chennai Chronicles: Only time

The one thing that I won’t have to worry in Chennai is how I am gonna save time from the everyday vagaries such as bathing, having food etc. Providence has already made the necessary arrangements. Let me list them for you…

The first ritual of the day which has to be completed in kind consideration of other people’s senses; primarily the nose and the eyes. Since the room that I live in does not come with the luxury of hot bath, I have to suffice (read: suffer & shiver) with cold water every morning. So it is no surprise that I won’t be spending too much in the bathroom from now on, previously one of my top hotspots for wasting time.

Mostly it comprises of rice. And being from North India (this I have derived from the Southside definition of the division of India as North and South, very much in contrast to the Geography textbook partition of India into four zones: East, West, North and South) where rice is an option and not the regular main course, let’s just say I ain’t really into ‘leisurely eating’ these days, which some of the patrons of this blog might remember was a passion that I took time with. These days I just wanna get over with it, burdened by the thoughts of the many kilos that I will have to sweat out later thanks to the calorie rich food (read: rice and curd and banana) that I have to stuff myself with.

Only South Indian channels are watched here by the demand of the majority and since this is still a democratic country, and my knowledge of those languages is far (read: equivalent to the distance between one end of the Universe to another) from perfect, I guess I won’t be watching too much TV.

I have to sleep on rubberized coir mattresses, which I have realized are a pain to my spinal cord after sleeping on them for just one night. I’d rather be awake than sleep on that bed….

So goodbye to lazing on the bed and daydreaming….

5.Staying/Strolling in the room
Previously I was a world record holder (it still ain’t official) in dwindling hours before the mirror in my room and strolling around till I got tired enough to drop on my bed and go to sleep. Now my room is only as big as to let me walk three paces exactly before I bump into some piece of furniture. Standing before the mirror for long isn’t a great idea for my feet get restless after a while (max 3 min) if I have to stand on the only tile (6*6inches) available between the mirror and bed. Hopping to the bathroom is literally a matter of one hop. It is just a distance of 100 cm from my bed. So you get the picture I guess!!

So every chance to get out of this place is going to be taken by me and this way I will stop spending myself in the room and go out to get some work done.

Moral of the story: Inconvenience is a great benefactor.


Anonymous said...

6 months will fly off even before you can write about it.

Don't worry about "Chennai Chronicles". More is yet to come ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Arch,
When do u attend ur college?
are there no lectures in ur chennai chronicle...

Aimless Archer said...

The classes have started just 3 days back....thanks for the concern, anonymous...the next blog is about keep visiting

Anonymous said...

Hi archana,
where is exercise included in ur schedule...u were planning to buy dumbels naa??? :-))
anyways was nice reading the blogs of this month.....

Anonymous said...

Wow...this is a great post....amazingly display of writing skills're the best can be a good writer...
If you're wondering why am I heaping such huge praises on you: well, to compensate for the review I gave to your "grave" poem...

Unknown said...

heyy gr8 optimism!
do't wori gal sumday u'll hav an awesum home wher u can skate around in ur

Loads of Love and Luck,

Anonymous said...

Well written article.